• Virginia Driver License Eligibility Requirements

    SUMMARY: Virginia residents must be at least 16 years and 3 months of age and hold a valid learner’s permit for 9 months before they can obtain a Virginia driver’s license.
  • Virginia DMV Drivers Training Guide & Manual

  • FACT: B & B Driving School offers you the opportunity to take your Behind-The-Wheel training and testing BEFORE your eligibility date. When your day arrives, you will have already completed the course. Other schools may require you to be eligible for your license BEFORE taking your BTW training which may cause a delay if they are behind.

  • DMV Guide to Road Signs - Sample Exam Online!

    SUMMARY: Multiple choice - 2 parts, try it online.

Quality instruction, flexible schedules, and reasonable rates for Behind-The-Wheel training.

Behind-the-Wheel training consists of 14 periods of instruction (7 periods of actual driving and 7 periods of observation) and is usually scheduled for 7 consecutive days. To accommodate parent and student schedules, we offer student pickup and drop off.


BTW Course: $235.00
The cost of BTW is $235 but is discounted if you provide a partner as DMV requires
2 students in the car during the BTW session.

Combine BTW with Driver Education Classroom for a cost of $350.00 (a savings of $60.00).

B & B Driving School instructors have completed classroom and Behind-The-Wheel training as required by the State of Virginia. Our vehicles are equipped with right side instructor brakes that are DMV inspected and approved. Instructors have been trained to control the vehicle from the passenger side in case of an emergency situation. Safety is our Number 1 concern during Behind-The-Wheel training sessions.

Behind The Wheel training will include the following:

  • Vehicle Knowledge: Identifying vehicle controls, reference points, operating space, proper seat and mirror settings
  • Rural driving: Back roads and byways in Mechanicsville, Hanover, King William and Sandston (to experience curves, hills, uncontrolled intersections).
  • Downtown/City: Broad Street/VCU areas driven (to experience traffic, multiple traffic lights, large intersections, pedestrian crossings, one-way streets, and no turn on red)
  • Interstate: Interstate 295 - (to experience getting off and on ramps, merging in traffic, lane changes, speed control)
  • Subdivision/business: Speed limit changes, yields, 4 way stops, pedestrian + bike traffic
  • Parking/turns: Perpendicular parking (forward and reverse), Angle parking, U-turns, 2 and 3 point turns.